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Insurance Agent Lees Summit, MO

Eli’s team won their first flag football game on Saturday.  I was proud of Eli.  He is playing up this season with kindergarteners and first graders and he didn’t hesitate at all.  He had a real nice run for about 20 yards.  The team won by a couple of scores.   Insurance Agent Lees Summit, MO.  It’s really hard to come up with three hundred words about insurance agent lees summit, mo. 


Tom’s team had a buy in the first week which has been really frustrating.  Because of Labor Day being the following weekend after our bye week our team had to practice an additional two weeks before playing a game.  I can tell they are getting really sick of playing against each other and are very eager to see someone else on the other side of the line of scrimmage.  Insurance Agent Lees Summit, MO.  I have to wait to mention the key word or the seo won’t be green because I used it too much.  Right now I’m just trying to get to three hundred words so my blog seo score is green and will score higher.   Tom’s team plays his first game a week from tomorrow.  They are really excited!  I hope they can stay focused for two more practices.  I think we’ll practice for six weeks before our fist game which is crazy for second graders.  Another fifty words and I reach the magic number of 300.  We play a team first that we lost to in the scrimmage a couple weeks ago.  Our team is much better now so I’m hoping we can start off with a win.



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